Renata is a God-fearing woman, mother and LifeStyler, most widely known for her classic, yet trendy fashion sense and lifestyle acumen. Proud to be Brooklyn born and raised, she is now building a Brooklyn based organization that is rooted in authenticity and creativity. Life’s necessities seem to change with every new app, but her commitment to innovation and excellence is dominant and continues to be her primary concern in all products and services.

After years of shadowing some of the best in the fashion industry and working with many celebrities, Renata launched her own brand in 2013 as an idea to bring amazing people and ideas together to achieve a greater goal. Her growing passion for pushing her generation forward, has led to the development of a brand for the leaders of our culture. Elite Lifestylers, are revered for offering practical ways to cultivate your best life through spirituality, beauty, fashion, entertainment, literature and love.

Unafraid to take risks, as a brand Renata Del Carmen is listening to clients and turning their needs into satisfaction. Changing the vernacular of the beauty industry may be a challenge, but nothing can substitute the experience. Now as Author and Entrepreneur she is creating and elite life filled with wonder-full experiences alongside beautiful people. From skin care to thought provoking literature, all is inspired by Renata's lifestyle and experiences. Renata Del Carmen was founded in love with hopes of igniting joy, peace and beauty in the homes and hearts of many.