5 Steps to Win in 2019

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I’m not sure about you, but for me and some others, the transition from the end of a year to a new beginning is a pretty swift one. I mean, there are so many things to do between gift shopping and giving, holiday parties and cooking, not to mention catching up on everything you couldn't find time to do, like binge watching your favorite show or reading someone's autobiography. Where on earth are you going to find time to chart the path for the next year? Then BOOM! confetti is exploding and everyone is wishing you a Happy New Year!

A few years ago, I decided I didn’t need that kind of negative energy in my life and started planning for my next year whenever it came to mind. As ideas and goals come to mind I make mental notes, transfer them to a digital copy or personal planner and then ponder or how to make the dream come alive. By October, I’m usually creating a vision board which typically gets my wheels turning and the ball rolling.

If this didn’t happen that’s totally fine because I have five ways to meet your dreams and  deadlines even if you spend the first week of January recovering from too  much confetti.

1.  Dream Big with Measurability

You definitely don't want to set yourself up for failure. Often times we get so inspired by our very own thoughts that we create unattainable goals because they sound good but we have no plan in place to achieve them.

With every new year declaration, map out a plan for what you will need to do everyday in order to obtain that goal.  If you want to save $1000 by the end of January, you should prepare to save $32 a day. If you don’t trust yourself to commit to a daily goal, make it a weekly goal. Whatever you do make it realistic to your current lifestyle to relieve the pressure of maintaining a commitment to a new lifestyle. While growth is optional, change is hard.

2.  Be Consistent

Don’t stop get it, get it!  The worst thing you can do is slack off of your plan or routine for success. It takes 21 days to create a habit. So by the time we get to reverencing the man (Martin Luther King jr.) who dreamed the life we live today,  you should be well into the swing of your new year and new life goals. 

It is fine to break responsibly but don’t give yourself room to revert back to your old ways. Maintain the momentum and see just how natural this all becomes. Your dream plan will become innate in you and leave little room for dream snatchers. Dream snatchers are any person, place or circumstance that infiltrates your system for success.

3.  Productively Manage Your Emotions

I would love to tell you that I wake up every day feeling like conquering the world. I imagine I could if this were a perfect world with perfect people and perfect circumstances. Until then I too spend day in and day out wrestling with emotions of not feeling like it or not wanting to. Many times our emotions become so powerful that one unproductive day becomes a week and next thing you know it’s a new year and we’re back to figuring out how to accomplish those same old goals.

Be aware of who you are and what fuels your dreams as well as the triggers that cripple your progress. This is where that growth muscle will have it’s most rigorous work out. Embrace more of what you have to do to see those goals come to fruition and less of what pacifies your cravings for comfort. Emotions are real and often seem super important, don’t ignore them, manage them. Be the boss of your emotions and train them to be lead by your goals.

4.  Find Your Tribe and Flourish

We are better together. We thrive on like-minded, positive energy, this is fuel. New declarations require support. There are times when you will need the perspective of a new connection because your old connections are stuck on your old ways.

The truth is, even if your old connections are supportive of your new goals, they may not always approach your vision with the same passion, no matter how much they love you. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, become vulnerable to build bonds of greatness. There are teachable moments and learning curves for sure but it’s waaaaaaay better than trying to do it all alone.

5.  Don’t Stop til You Get Enough

If the going gets tough, get back to Step 1.  There will come a day where things will seam pointless and ineffective. That’s the perfect time to revisit your dream and your plan. Bookmark this post if you have to and continuously check into this 5 step work out plan. Ask yourself, “have I done all I can?” or “Am I doing enough?”

Don’t settle on less than you desire by the hands of mediocre effort. Remember your “Why” and move on. Keep going even if the course must be altered along the way. There is nothing wrong with a little rerouting. GPS has taught me that I can take an alternate route and still arrive on time. Twists and turns make the journey all the more interesting, not too mention a way cooler story for those that will want to know how you did it. Cheers!